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Alchemy 7

SOUL ALIGNMENT TRAINING Live your Truth, Live from you Soul. Share your authentic gifts with the world. Go on to become a Certified Authentic Life Coach and help others live their truth. .


Courses being offered in holistic modalities to add to your tool box for self healing, facilitating wellness for others, or to add to an existing healing practice.

Online Soul School

Explore the mystery of you and expand your horizons. Join the Online Soul School and receive courses every month in your mailbox to help you grow and heal in mind, body and soul.

Authentic Life Coach Certification

Upon completing the Alchemy 7 three level training you will receive certification as an Authentic Life Coach. Helping others find and live their truth is a true blessing!

Karma Coach Certification

Archetype Re-Patterning, Contract Rewrites and Accessing Akashic Records

Past/Future/Between Life Guide Certification

Learn to lead journeys into the past, future and in between for spiritual healing and reconciliation

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Organic aromatherapy and subtle energy products to enhance spirituality, health and well-being.


Nina Heron’s book to be released in 2016. Reserve your copy now!


Services for mind, body & spirit. Alchemy7, Spiritual and Authentic Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Energy & Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Massage & Bodywork